Car Club

Just Rock Ipswich is a registered car club, which entitles our active members’ vehicles to be eligible for classic registration and classic insurance at a considerable saving.

We have outings throughout the year including cruises and displays and socialising for club members.

On all our cruises members with modern (plastic) cars are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Members are encouraged to suggest cruise ideas!

Registering your classic vehicle

To obtain this type of registration, the car has to be 30 years or older, the owner has to be a current active club member and a declaration form from Just Rock Ipswich must be provided to the Transport Dept.  Just Rock Ipswich is in the enviable position of being a combined Rock ‘n’ Roll and Classic Car Club.  Once membership has been accepted there will be a three month waiting period before application for concessional registration can take place.

Please remember to drive the vehicle under club registration you must be on a sanctioned club run. You must also be a current active member of JRI.  Failure to comply with these requirements may incur penalties.

So as an active JRI member, if you have plans to acquire a classic car or change your rego, contact Secretary, Jan Lang, on 0430 557 351 for further Information.

Please complete a JRI Membership Application Form which includes all your vehicle details, together with photos of the front, rear and side of the vehicle.  Please hand the completed form and photos to the Membership Officer when you attend your next JRI event.