Weekly Dance Nights

JRI offer a range of dance lessons to suit Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced level dancers. JRI's main style of dancing is a freestyle type of Rock’N’Roll, which in recent times is called 'rockabilly'.

Lessons are held on Monday nights 7.30pm to 9.30pm at Swifts Sports Club, Green St Booval. (First lesson is FREE)

No special clothing or equipment is required. Suggested clothing includes: loose but not sloppy clothes to enable movement without restriction; and shoes with a non grip sole as you will need to slide or twist without strain on your feet and ankles.

All Stage 1 Lessons enable people to learn at their own pace. All the moves that you learn in the stage 1 class form the building blocks to future lessons. After about one month to six weeks, beginners graduate to the next class and receive a 'certificate' of achievement.

Stage 2 Lessons are provided for 'rockabilly' style dancing. Lessons are structured into a 5 week (2 moves per week) rotational program and when successfully completed entitle you to a 'certificate' of your achievement.

Stage 3 Lessons are for dancers who wish to learn more advanced dance moves. Stage 3 lessons include a large range of advanced dance steps, learning routines applicable to the various dance tempos, or learning a range of couples line dances.

Club Fees 2013





$10 / night

$7 / night


$10 / night

$7 / night


$14 / night

$12 / night

Children 8-15 yrs - ½ adult fees

Annual Membership Fee (Includes membership to Booval Sports Club)







Family (2 adults + 2 children)


Something for Everyone

JRI has been in Ipswich for some 22 years and we try to cater for everyone. Dance instructors who are proficient in 4 step jive and swing are happy to provide informal dance lessons, after formal rockabilly lessons, to those interested in these dance style. Just ask one of our friendly instructors for assistance.

After formal dance lessons finish, about 8.30pm, the Club stops for a tea/coffee break. Following this break, a 'couples line dance' or other 'line dance' is taught. This enables students to build a repertoire of popular line dances which are danced at JRI, other Club dances and at a range of popular venues in and around Ipswich.


All teachers at JRI are trained and qualified through attending a ''Dance Teachers Workshop'. All JRI teachers also hold a Government issued 'blue card' enabling them to teach dance to children.

Social Dance Night

Every 3rd Monday of the month is a Social dance night. The club provides a live Artist, Duo or Band. This night gives dance students an opportunity to put into practice what they have learned at dance lessons.

Each couple brings a plate (with some 'Goodies' on it) so that a light supper can be served at the Intermission break.

Bi-monthly Dance Night

The Club holds a bi-monthly dance on the first Saturday night of the month starting from February. These dances attract people from clubs from all around Brisbane, Gold Coast and the North Coast. Just Rock has a reputation engaging popular bands as entertainment for the night, for its hospitality and for running professional and fun events.

Dance Demonstrations

Just Rock Ipswich is a proud supporter of the Ipswich Community. Our club participates in putting on Demonstrations (Demo's) for schools, charities and other organisations. As well as supporting the local community, these ‘demos’ provide an opportunity to Showcase our Club, and are a Social outing with other members. These demos often generate interest in dancing and result in new members coming along on Monday nights to learn to dance. Your first lesson with Just Rock is always FREE.


Weekly Dance Schedule


7.30 - 8.30pm Stage 1

7.30 - 8.30pm Stage 2
7.30 - 8.00pm Stage 3

8.30pm : Intermission -
Tea Break/announcements/ Club news/ raffle draw etc.

8.45pm - 9.00
Optional after-break dance activity (learn a new couples line dance)

8.45pm - 9.30pm
Free dancing so you can practice what you have learned earlier in the evening



All JRI Dance Teachers are volunteers and give generously of their time and efforts because they love to dance themselves.They have been dancing for many years and enjoy doing a range of dance styles including rockabilly, four step jive, swing jive, and a range of couples line dances.

JRI maintains a high standard of teaching by:

• ensuring that all JRI dance teachers attend a Dance Teacher's Workshop;

• engaging experienced and friendly rock and roll dance teachers to facilitate workshops for teachers; and

• ensuring that all dance teachers maintain currency.


• All dance teachers hold current 'blue Cards' issued by the Qld Govt "Commission for Children & Young People" This enables the holder to teach and instruct children.

Stage 3 Dance Lessons


Narelle and Luke Way currently teach the Stage 3 dance lessons. They have been dancing for many years and enjoy various dance styles including rockabilly, 4 step jive, and a range of couple’s line dances. Luke and Narelle are proficient teachers, who support and encourage their students to learn at their own pace and have fun while they learn.


Stage 2 Dance Lessons

Ian Smallwood, Judy Merrick, Trish Wakefield and Mick and Janet Dicker teach the Stage 2 dance lessons.

The Stage 2 Program is structured, with students completing a 5 week course, comprising 10 dance steps of a 'medium degree of difficulty'. On completion students receive a certificate and can graduate and move to the Stage 3 class.

All teachers have been dancing at Just Rock Ipswich for many years and are all experienced at dance and at teaching


Stage 1 Lessons

Gayle and Alan Park and John Strybos are currently teaching in Stage 1 along with John and Nancy Boughen. Both couples have been dancing for many years and enjoy all aspects of Just Rock including the dance, social and car club activities.

In Stage 1 you will learn the basics needed for all the dances you will learn in the future stages. On completion students receive a certificate and can graduate and move to the Stage 2 class


Other Dance Activities

Whilst the main dance taught at just rock is Rockabilly style, JRI teachers can also teach a range of dance styles including 4 x step jive and swing jive.

If you are interested in learning other dance styles, talk to Rob and Shirley Moore, or any of the dance teachers.

In addition to the variety of rock and roll dances outlined above, JRI teaches a range of popular country rock line dances for couples and singles. These dances assist couples with dancing to a firm beat and whilst they are not the main dance focus of JRI, they are lots of fun. Some of the couples line dances taught include: Cow boy Cha; Mexican Cha Cha; Jacqueline Cha Cha; El Paso; Rock and Roll Waltz; Midnight Waltz, Waltz across Texas; Butt Stop; The Wanderer; Red Hot Salsa; Cruisin’; Boot Scootin’ Boogie; Stray Cats Strut; etc.

Other dances are introduced as they become popular around Rock and Roll Clubs

Everyone is welcome if you have any questions about rock and roll dancing taught at JRI, please email us on

Come along and join in the fun.

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